Thought: What if I’m not good enough

What kind of thought is that? You are an ever growing person. You are capable of anything. This thought is just coming from irrational thinking not from practical observations. Let me tell you, you are good enough. Now get your ass out there and shake them nasty thoughts!

Let’s combat evil thoughts together. Send me some of your thoughts and how you combat them (or will start to:)

Join me on a journey towards a more positive lifestyle

Hi my name is Hannah and I think we have a lot in common. For one we both suffer in silence and are left to deal with our own thoughts. This can be for many reasons - sometimes you’re too embarrassed to share or you don’t think the person cares.

I made this blog to post some of my thoughts and then make fun of myself a little so as not to give these thoughts power and control of my life.

I will be posting some of my thoughts (which I feel many of you deal with as well) and then I will be stripping them of their power by proving them wrong and silly.

If any of you have some thoughts and want to share them please put it in my ask and I will publish them. Let’s get everything that is inside out there in a safe and healthy way.

Power will be restored back to me - and my thoughts shall be dethroned henceforth! Huzza!

Positive thinking to you all!